Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Suttum vizhi sudar thaan....

I was filling my blogs with music as usual. And I came across I had never heard. Soooooo beautifully sung by hari haran ji. Out of curiosity, I researched and found out it was one of the poems written by barathiyar on his wife, kannamma. :O wah lah!!!
The meaning was so beautiful from what I could make out of the little tamil knowledge I have.
That began my expedition in writing the meaning of whatever tamil poems that interest me. Here's the first key turn I've giving my new love and the tiny venture.

Suttum vizhi sudar than Kannamma
Suriye chandiraro?
Your eyes are so sharp and full of fire, Kannamma
Like the Sun or Moon?
Vattakkariye vizhi - Kannamma!
Black round eyes, Kannamma!
Vanakkarumai kollo?
Has it taken the darkness from the sky?
Pattu karuneela - pudavai
Dark blue silk saree
Padhittha nalviram..
With diamonds on it...
Natta nadunisiyil - Therium
They are like the stars that can be seen
in the middle of the night!

Solai malaroliyo -Unathu
Sundarapunnagai than
Your beautiful smile is like
the flower's brightness from the garden (can also be flower bloom)
Neela kadalalaiye - Unathu
Nenjin alaigaladi !
The love from your heart (heart waves to described literally)
are like the Blue ocean waves

Kolak kuyil oosai - Unathu
Kuralin inimaiyadi!
Your voice is as sweet as
the cuckoo's call(koyil)

Valai kumariyadi - Kannamma
Maruvak kadhal kondain.
Young lady, Kannammaa
I have fallen helplessly in love with you.

Sathiram pesugirai - Kannamma
Sathiram yedhukkadi?
You are talking about rules and regulations, Kannamma
What are they for?
Athiram kondavarke - Kannamma
Sathiram undodi!
For those only who are angry, Kannamma
Do the rules and regulations suit.

Moothavar sammadhiyil - Vadhuvai
Muraigal pinbhu saivom
With the elder's permission, wedding and
rituals can be done later
Kathiruppenodi! - Ithupar
I am waiting, see this!

Kannatthu muttham ondru!
A kiss on the cheek!


Ram said...

Bharathiyaar did not write any poems for his wife. His wife's name is Chellammaa.
KaNNammaa was his kavidhai kaadhali...a nobody...atleast not someone we know of...

sowmya said...

ok ram. thanks for the correction.

Arunesh Karthik said...

I got a chance to view ur blog when i was searching for the english lyrics of the song "Ninndale" from the movie Milana. Am new to Bangalore and used to listen FM and thats how i got through with the Kannada songs.

Your collections are awesome and amazed that you are writing the meaning of those lyrics of tamil, kannada and telugu songs. Hats of to U.Hope u are multi-lingual...

I've great interest of reading others blog and ur's also good.

Keep posting, i'll visit regularly...


Vempavai said...

No Ram,Kannamma is Bharathi's childhood infactuator..but she is "harijan"...he fall in love with her beautiful innocent lyrics ..after some days he got married with chellama,u know it well that Bharathi's marriage is a childhood marriage.kannama is not her original name but bharathi like to call her by that name becz he doest spoke with that girl and he dnt know her original name.

Any way she is his inspiration over writing love poems..In one of his lyrics she praised her as "Vaalai kumari adi kannamma maruva kaadal konden"--valai kumari is nothing but childhood frnd-

If u have any concerns, reply...

Iniya Thozhi,

Ram said...

Vempavai - if you are talking about the little girl who comes in the "movie" Bharathi, i don't think her name is mentioned anywhere as KaNNammaa. if it is someone else, i am not aware of it. it could well be a real person, but my point is that we don't know for sure, and it is highly likely that he wouldn't write poems for his wife addressing her by a different name than her own...

Balan said...


Congratulations for a nice translation. I wish to know the meaning of "Maruva" used in the line "Maruvakkadal konden". Does it mean 'hopelessly in love ' as mentioned by you ?

As regards 'Kannamma', I am amused by so many interpreteations, particularly Vempavai's. It is well known that Bharatiyar sang many songs on Kannamma, where Lord Krishna, ( Kannan) is portrayed in different forms - his beloved ( female), child et al. Chuttum Vizhi chudar is one such song. His deep love for Of course, Bharatiyar was against casteism. Even some of his Kannan songs portray this.

jithkhan said...

Veezhum Vedikkai Manitharai Pol Naan Veezhvendru Ninaithayo...... do any one have translation for this song

jithkhan said...

Veezhum Vedikkai Manitharai Pol Naan Veezhvendru Ninaithayo, do any one have translation for this song

rajalakshmi said...

Bharathiyar wrote poems where he imagined Lord Krishna as his king, servant, friend, student, teacher, play mate, lover male and female etc. etc.

anand said...
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anand said...
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anand said...

Veezhum Vedikkai Manitharai Pol Naan Veezhvendru Ninaithayo...

Bharathi says," Will I fall , like, how a common man does???".
He clearly points out the difference between him and the common man...

Bharathi Sangam said...


Bharathi Sangam said...


srizah said...

Thanks for translating to English. Way to go madam! Keep doing this nice work!!

srizah said...

What use speculation, people, about who is Kannamma? A poet like Bharathiyar will be able to love each and every being in the world. Believe this!

srik said...

Once of the famous and most beautiful songs of Bharathi. You have chosen a very good song to translate.. Thanks to you, I was able to fall in love with his songs once again..

Praveen M.K said...

Thanks for the translation. Was listening to a few mp3 of Unnikrishnan. This made me ended up to your site.

muralidhar said...


muralidhar said...


Sendhil Kumar said...

Aathiram in this context does not mean Passion or Anger, it means "being in a hurry" "restless state" ... "avasaram".

Vinod Kumar Manjunath said...

Does the word "Ithupar" means " give a try" in this context?

Ithupar Kannthil Mutham....

Anush Venkataraman said...

refer this site. its my Bharathi's granddaughter. it says Bharathi had Chellama has his poetic inspiration. But it was renamed from Chellama Paatu to Kannama Paatu. :)

nAradA said...
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nAradA said...
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nAradA said...

This is to make a slight correction in a previous comment. There is no provision to "edit" a word once it was in. So here goes the corrected comment.

>>Maruvak kadhal kondain.<< "maruva" means embrace. He was passionate enough to embrace her.

As for "KaNNammA" most people assume it is a fictional character, more like a muse for him. Dr. S. Ramanathan had mentioned in one of his lec-dems quoting from Vijaya Bharathi's (Bharathi's first daughter's daughter---i.e., ThangammAL's daughter) book that this song was written for his wife Chellamma and the name mentioned in the manuscript was ChellammA. But when it went to publication the name was changed to KaNNammA. It is not clear who changed it. There was a trio of people who founded a publishing house and used a literary group to edit the poems (in case there was a need for minor corrections).

Also ""Aththiram" here means "impatient"

nAradA said...

There were 3 songs where Bharathi wrote chellamma instead of Kannamma: 1. engaL chellamma 2. ninnaiye rathi enRu 3. peeTaththil ERik koNDAL. During publication the chellammA was changed to KaNNamma. This is from an authentic source. See the link below.

nAradA said...
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